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Golden KnightsMilitary displays and flyovers can change without prior notice. Please stay tuned to AM 1370 KDTH, 92.9 KAT FM, 97.3 the Rock or 101.1 the River for the latest details.

Please note that the AY McDonald Park and Boat Ramp will be closed to all vehicular traffic, including boaters, from 10 PM on Tuesday, July 2nd until the park reopens on Thursday, July 4th.

No Drone Advisory

Comelec Internet Services reminds you to leave your drones at home During the July 3rd Fireworks and Air Demonstration. The FAA waivered airspace restricts all flying objects within a 5 mile radius and surface to 15,000 feet high from show center. Violators will be charged, fined, and have their drone confiscated. A no drone zone will be in effect:

  • At Elizabeth, IL on 7/1 from 6pm until 8pm
  • At Fennimore, WI on 7/2 from 9am until 11am
  • At AY McDonald Park on 7/2 from noon until 2pm
  • At the Kennedy Mall on 7/2 from 6pm until 8pm
  • At Hazel Green, WI on 7/3 from 9am until noon
  • At AY McDonald Park on 7/3 from 5pm until the end of the show
  • At Bellevue, IA on 7/4 from noon until 2pm

Leave the flying to the professionals!

Attention Boaters!!

The Mississippi River will be closed to ALL BOATERS from the Iowa to Wisconsin shores from Lock and Dam 11 to the Iowa/Wisconsin Bridge during the Military Air Demonstration. The United States Coast Guard will allow boaters in that area after the demonstration. At that time, boaters must observe the no wake rule and anchor on the east side of the red buoys. The no wake rule will be enforced through 12:00 midnight from the Dam to the Julien Dubuque Bridge!

Attention Pet Owners!!

Please be courteous and sensitive to others and your pet. The air show will have high-performance jets making a lot of noise and the fireworks are very loud. We want you to enjoy the show and ensure that others will also enjoy the event by leaving your pets at home.

Monday, July 1

The Independence Day celebration begins in Elizabeth, Illinois!


Tuesday, July 2

The Independence Day celebration continues in Fennimore, Wisconsin!


The Independence Day celebration continues at the Kennedy Mall!

1:00PM – 8:00PM

  • Military displays
  • Get up close to the Richardson Motors Drop Zone in preparation for the Golden Knights parachute jump
  • Food and drink specials courtesy of the Dubuque Mining Company

4:00PM – 7:30PM

  • Bounce House and games for the kids from Midwest Inflatables
34th Army Band 42 Romeo

Welcomed by Rondinelli Music/Audio

5:00PM – 7:00PM

  • 34th Army Band “42 Romeo” will perform


  • The Golden Knights jump into the Richardson Motors Drop Zone in the Kennedy Mall parking lot.

Tuesday, July 2

4:00PM – 6:00PM

  • Be at the Dubuque Airport’s old terminal to see the aircraft that will be flying in this year’s July 3rd Air Show and meet the pilots flying the planes!
  • The DreamBig Jet Fighter Experience

Wednesday, July 3

The Independence Day celebration continues in Hazel Green, Wisconsin!


The Independence Day celebration continues in the AY McDonald Park next to the Hawthorn Boat Ramp just below Lock and Dam 11

3:30PM – 5:30PM

  • 34th Army Band “Scrap Metal” will perform

swearing in ceremony5:30PM – 8:30PM

  • Salute to our Heroes Air Show including:
    • Military Swearing in Ceremony
    • Air Show Announcer Luke Carrico
    • US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team
    • USAF A-10 Warthog
    • A-10/P-51 Mustang Heritage Flight
    • Mike Wiskus and his Lucas Oil Pitts Plane
    • 2 MI-2 Turbine Helicopters
    • Iowa Army National Guard Chinook Helicopter
    • Phillips 66 Aerostars Aerobatic Performance
    • FLS Microjet
    • The Vanguard Squadron
    • Memorial Salute
    • Missing Man Formation


  • US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team night jump


  • The Fireworks Spectacular!

Thursday, July 4th

The Independence Day celebration continues in Bellevue, Iowa!